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Thomas and Magdalene

Overall, a super job. Felt we were given honest opinions rather than saying whatever to get sign in yard. We have met those before! Fantastic job of arranging/staging photos and providing write up. We are both convinced that buyer saw all of this and rushed out before anyone else could purchase. Getting list price in 4 days convinced us that buyer was hooked before they ever showed up. Buyers basically told us as much; internet listing / write up sold them. We always felt like Lori was concerned about our situation rather than just getting a commission. We have had agents in the past that only knew how to say “time to lower the price”. Although we sold in 4 days, we felt like Lori had helped pick a decent price and that we would not have to start cutting it. Would highly recommend her to anyone else, especially in the “Union Hill” area of Cherokee County. She lives there and knows the area better than anyone else. We feel we were very fortunate to be able to use her services.