Lori De Pucci
Realtor® | Phoenix Award Recipient | Top Sales Associate

Selling Your Home? Tips for High Impact Curb Appeal to Help Your Home Sell Quickly for More Money:


  1. New paint, siding and trim will bring a huge return on investment and will help your home sell much more quickly.  You may be able to just get away with fresh paint, but if your siding and trim is worn or rotted, best to replace and repaint it before going on the market.
  2. Paint or stain the front door and make sure the hardware is shiny and new.  While the buyers are standing waiting for the agent to open the front door, they are forming their first impressions.  It doesn’t cost much to replace door hardware and freshen up the front door but it will make a favorable impression.
  3. If your outdoor light fixtures are aged and worn, it is very easy and inexpensive to replace them.  Lowe’s and Home Depot have a great selection of up to date outdoor lighting and your local electrician can install them easily.  Clean or replace any outdoor ceiling fans that have collected years of dirt and rust.
  4. Clean any dirty spots around the front door and front porch removing cob webs.
  5. Create symmetry and balance between the home and the landscaping.  Trim shrubs to an attractive height so the house is the focal point.  Limb up large trees to add vision and light.
  6. Remove or replace any dead shrubbery.
  7. Kill weeds in the driveway and sidewalks.
  8. Mail box makeover!  Paint the post and/or add a new fresh mail box.  Adding planted flowers around the post is always welcoming…if the deer or bunnies don’t eat them.
  9. Fresh pine straw or mulch in the landscape and flower beds adds an instant lift and helps showcase the curb appeal.
  10. Paint or stain any outdoor fencing and gates.