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Dennis & Donna

This agent sent me properties that were for sale in our target area for more than a year. We would have periodic contact, which was the way I wanted. She always had time to answer my question and return my phone call. This gave my wife and I time to learn an area that we lived more than 700 miles away from home at the time. That way through short visits we would drive through areas to view homes and property in this area. When we decided to move forward and enter and view home just prior to purchase she met with us and basically put her life on hold for our visit. During this 6 day visit, we drove by or entered approx 40 homes, returning to several more than one time. She contacted agents of homeowners that had fallen off the market to see if they were still for sale. At the end of the process, we purchased the home of our dreams. We wanted to close as quickly as possible. Not knowing any of the people needed for inspection, surveying, and insurance, she handled this. As we were a great distance away she filled in for me at several meetings. Found local people that would look at specific things that I wanted to know it could be changed. Once closing took place she handled delivery of all document, keys and arranged a meeting for me with the prior owner. Well after closing as I was in route to the home she found keys for me when I was several underdog miles from my current residence and the new one. I cannot say enough about the professionalism of this agent and her ability to handle this transaction.