Lori De Pucci
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Water Conservation at the Barn

How can we save some precious H2O at the barn?

By Pro Equine Grooms

I’ll be a little frank here, some of us don’t think about water conservation that much – the horses need it and so we don’t really give it any thought.  But we have a chance here to plan ahead and really make a difference.

-Recycle and reuse the water that you empty from the horse water buckets. Can you use it for the garden, flowers, compost, or pastures? Put the bucket water into a big muck tub in the back of your cart and drive to the paddock to help the dry grass get a drink.

-Consider using rain collecting barrels. They don’t take up a bunch of room, and you never know when you will need it (ask Texas this year – worst drought ever!).

-Use nozzles on hoses.

-Can you do a sponge bath on the girth area and other sweaty parts, or do you need to do a total shower?  (You may also notice I’m not huge on showers anyway, they can dry the skin and make the hair dull.) Sometimes sponge bath + elbow grease = unbeatable shine.

-If the farm does use sprinklers, make sure they run at night and are very low to the ground to minimize the wind setting the water off course.  Also, it’s better to do two 10-minute sprinkles a few hours apart than one 20-minute sprinkle in some cases. Check with your local nursery or landscaper.